Sistema Design
Sistema is a graphic design study born in 1990 in the city of La Coruña.

Specialized in graphic design, the study also offers full services in management and quality production control of corporate identity supports, catalogues, magazines, books edition and web sites, between others.

To the current equipment formed by six professionals distributed in the areas of graphical design, production and administration, it is necessary to add an endless number of external collaborators from other complementary disciplines (photographers, stylists, make up, programmers, printers and more ...). Our office works, of an active way, as point of meeting between clients, collaborators and designers.

The projects that the study attacks, always are led by the partners and designers of the study, Manuel Fraga, Luis Galán, Jose Rivera and David Rivero.

The study presumes to work as a team with the client. To listen and to see as a method to understand the characteristics of manufactures and positionings of the products and services. This allows us to contribute to each problem a new point of view. To add ideas to find the solutions.